21 December 2011

Same as usual,i woke up in the afternoon. I was thinking to myself what a wonderful world because i dont have to wake up early in the morning and rushing to work and stuck in a rush hour.
I would normally straightly go to Papa Rich having coffee like it was in the morning. For others information, paparich is a local coffee house offering variety of coffee,western foods,sandwich,and noodle. It's quite cozy here and chill. This is my spot to relax my mind body and soul.
It usually will rain during 4pm onwards but it didnt. I prefer rainy days than the hot weather. The temperature in malaysia i guess had increase to 40+ celsius compare to previous record,it is below 35 celsius.after all i dont have to worry about that,i'm moving to scotland soon. I had to get moving and travel far away to gain experiences because we only live twice.
Well ,the only reason i go to paparich is to get out from the hassle mamak restaurant and to avoid seeing peoples that i know. Peoples seldom tend to be alone and to get away from others. For me i prefer living in a quiet world and hassle free.

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